When we interact with others formally in writing, we often refer to this genre as professional communications. Included in this “category” of writing are such material forms as Resumes, Cover Letters, Vitaes, Formal Proposals, Memorandums, Reports and even E-Mails. Ensuring that these writing deliverables are not only well-written, but also fit with the communication goals, audience and message, is a critical skill that students should develop in their undergraduate tenure.

CUwrite will be building as an online hub a growing number of samples of these forms of writing to guide students as they develop and refine their communication skills with an array of audiences.

Clarkson’s Department of Communication & Media also offers regularly a course entitled Professional Communication designed for students to improve their skills and create these professional forms of communication for internships, jobs and long-term careers.

Our Writing Center will assist you with the development of these materials. Schedule an appointment with us soon!

R E S O U R C E S  &  L I N K S

Professional, Technical Writing (Purdue Owl):

Definitely the most comprehensive website on this list, the Purdue Owl has sections on every case of business writing imaginable. From business letters to memos to abstracts, this site has great step-by-step descriptions of how to create business documents. In addition, several underlying aspects of business writing are dealt with, including tone, audience analysis, and parallel structure.

Business Writing Tips:

For a quicker way to get a few basic tips, check out this site run by a company that does training in business writing. This five-step list covers both technical aspects of business writing (passive voice, efficient use of language) and content related issues (tone, answering questions).

Quiz on Common Business Writing Errors:

Want to find out how much you really know about business writing? This 26-question quiz covers the most common errors made in business writing today, and can be taken in just 10 minutes. After you complete the quiz, explanations will be provided for the correct answers to every question. Try it! You might be surprised with the results…

Business Guide (Colorado State):

If you have a business writing assignment and have no idea where to start, this page is for you. It begins with an in-depth walk-through of the writing process with plenty of examples, and then transitions into specific areas (such as business writing). The section called “Introduction to Business Writing” includes helpful details explaining the different business documents and the steps involved in preparing them.