Are you an exceptional writer and interested in becoming a Writing Center consultant?

We employ an estimated 10-15 writing consultants each academic year and they are the best of the best in terms of writing ability! We look for students who excel right out of their Univ 190 courses, and often our consultants are recommended by professors of an array of courses based on written work they have seen in the classroom. Currently, we offer paid positions through Work Study funding and University Wages (so you do not need to be a work study student to apply). Consultants may also earn communication points through their work at the Writing Center while also earning wages.

Note: We are also exploring possibilities of offering consulting experience for coursework credits in the coming year.

Becoming a Writing Consultant is not just a job. It also translates into transferable skills that employers desire (i.e., It Looks Great on a Resume!), while instilling confidence for those who may not have realized they are more adept at teaching, training, or even management roles when they graduate than they ever imagined. We try to foster both a creative and fun atmosphere, as the work at times can be intellectually demanding.

Our Hours are Flexible! We work with your schedule. You may request as few as 2 hours per week or as many as you need and can handle.

If you are interested in applying for a position, drop us a line via our Contact Page, indicating in the subject line you are inquiring about working in the Writing Center. Or feel free to drop by and visit with the director, Catherine Sajna. After an initial query, you will be asked to send to the Writing Center the following:

  • A professional resume
  • A cover letter describing your interest in working for the Writing Center and your strengths
  • 1-2 professor endorsements/references regarding your writing ability
  • 2 samples of your writing