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This page highlights some advice and resources. Please look again at the Writing Resources drop down menu to find information on writing in the disciplines: Humanities, Social Sciences, Math, Science and Business. There are also pages on essay writing, report writing and cover letter/resume writing.

A little Advice with Big Effects: Check the following

Transitions: E.g. However/Therefore/Because/Moreover — these don’t work the way you think they do. The sentences these transitions connect must be written carefully so that the transition word is merely stating the obvious, so that the reader can figure out the relationship even without the transition word. The sentences you are connecting should be structured so that the beginning of the second sentence repeats or focuses on some part of the preceding sentence.

AND doesn’t work the way you think it does. In spoken English we use it all the time to connect sentences and phrases. We use ‘and’ instead of ‘but’ or ‘in order to.’ Writing gives you the opportunity to replace ‘and’ with something more accurate. Examine and replace your ANDS!

Headings don’t work the way you think they do. Putting in a heading does NOT mean that you can start a new topic without any reference to the previous topic. The first sentence after the heading should summarize or refer to the previous section and then explain the connection to the current section.

Use Terminology. Many students avoid terminology because it doesn’t feel like their normal speech, but remember the purpose of any course is to make you more comfortable with the terminology and concepts that are important for that discipline. Use the terminology. Here is a great website with activities for the Academic Word List which is not discipline specific.

Other University Writing Centers — OWL Purdue

Citation Resources –see our page on Citations or the pages at CU Libraries

Grammarly – Free Student subscription – grammar and spell check

Textbooks and Handbooks — The CU Writing Center has a library of textbooks and handbooks available for faculty and students to use. Please visit. The textbooks are primarily writing or technical communication course texts.