Igniting Through Writing

Innovation requires not only creativity, but also the means to communicate ideas, goals and plans. Writing is certainly a critical piece in communicating to numerous audiences. Writing is also critical for creativity–thinking through ideas on paper and discovering what you think in the first place.

In this new program, the Writing Center plans to create a space for students who want to write beyond classwork, for students who might want to

  • develop their writing as a twenty-first century skill for hire and advancement
  • write for the pure love of it
  • be creative
  • build a portfolio
  • be reflective or proactive about personal development
  • develop a style for outreach and advocacy
  • develop a blog
  • sharpen critical thinking

Knightwriters will be an Out-of-the Classroom Curriculum (Writing OCC). We haven’t developed it yet, so if you have ideas or want to join the Knightwriter team, please contact Catherine Sajna at csajna@clarkson.edu.

Check back for a list of events and offerings coming to you soon!