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To make an appointment, use this link APPOINTMENT LINK. To be sure you get to the right calendar efficiently, you may want to be signed into Google first, before you click this link.

You may also email us at ( The auto-responder will give you the email link to the appointment scheduler.

When you make the appointment, you can leave a note if you’d like about the assignment or the type of help you need.

We accept walk-ins (or zoom-ins once you have our zoom link) if the tutors are free. However, it all works better if you make an appointment.  You can then cancel the appointment by simply deleting it from your calendar. 

Sessions are 30 mins with a peer tutor.  You don’t need to stay the whole time, and you can stay longer if there is no appointment after yours.

We can help at any stage of the writing process, including helping you to decide what you want to write about. We can help with any kind of writing: UNIV papers, Aero papers, lab reports, resumes and personal statements, and many more!

How to Prepare for a Writing Center Consulting Session

  1. Please share your Google Doc of the project or paper with Please be able to pull up the assignment requirements to share with the tutor through screen share.
  2. The best preparation is to know before you arrive exactly what you hope to get out of your time at the Writing Center. You may have a long document that we will not be able to cover line-by-line. Since we will have limited time together, what are your priorities? Read over your document thoroughly and thoughtfully. What questions do you have? Be prepared to identify what you want to focus on during your session.
  3. Although it isn’t always possible, try to proofread your writing so that the consultant knows that any errors remaining are those you might need to discuss in your session. Bringing a rough draft that has not been spell-checked is not the best use of our consultants’ time (or yours), and he or she may request you proofread and spell-check and return in another session before continuing.
  4. If your paper or project is more than 4-5 pages, please identify those pages or sections on which you want to focus most.