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Writing Center “Tours”

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Writing Effective Emails

Workshops and Seminars

We are creating a menu of workshops and seminars to be available to the entire community at set times with registration. The Writing Center workshops and seminars are designed as short, intensive brush-ups for clarity and coherence in communication style relevant to all disciplines. Examples include: 1) It’s not all about You–the Importance of Audience; 2) Show you Care–Developing Voice and Perspective; 3) “And” doesn’t Mean What you Think it Means; 4) Information Processing–How Sentences Carry the Load 5) Professional Style as Dialect. We are also available to collaborate with faculty members on an array of writing topics. Please contact Writing Center Director Catherine Sajna at, or call the Writing Center at 315.268.4135.

Please note that the library offers classroom instruction in How to Conduct Literature Reviews, APA Citation Basics and other topics.

KnightWriter Writing Group

The KnightWriters met for the first time in Spring 2020. We created a date and time for writers to write. This has morphed into the Graduate Writing Groups using the Pomodoro method. This is not a workshop, but writing time. Stay posted for announcements each semester on when the group will get started.