The University Libraries in collaboration with the Clarkson University Graduate Student Association (CUGSA) are proud to invite you to a series of graduate workshops on topics pertaining to many aspects of graduate student life. 

Contact with any questions or topic suggestions!

Upcoming  Workshops

Graduate Workshop: Digital Privacy & Anonymity: Basics for Students & Academic Researchers

Tuesday, October 5 at 5pm – Online via ZoomAdd to your Google Calendar

Privacy — the ability to think, read, write, and correspond free of observation — is fundamental to intellectual freedom. Yet, the same digital technologies that make contemporary research, correspondence, and publication possible have also brought us the potential for round-the-clock surveillance of our daily activities by corporations, states, and trolls. What are some of the digital privacy risks we face while working and traveling? How might you mitigate these risks? This workshop serves as an informal, conversational introduction to the digital privacy landscape.

Graduate Workshop: Working Wikipedia

Tuesday, October 26 at 5pm – Online via ZoomAdd to your Google Calendar

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is part of the fabric of our digital life. It is used worldwide by millions of people daily. Join this workshop to learn more about it, as well as how to use your knowledge and research skills to make it better.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to add to their knowledge of Wikipedia.

Graduate Workshop: Maximizing Google

Tuesday, November 9 at 5pm – Online via ZoomAdd to your Google Calendar

Graduate Students: How many times a day do we all just looking something up on Google? It’s quick, it’s easy, it can answer our most basic questions more efficiently than any other technology out there. Make the most of your Googling with a series of advanced tips and tricks to maximize your use of the most commonly used internet search engine!

Graduate Workshop: Building your Scholarly Identity

Tuesday, November 30 at 5pm – Online via ZoomAdd to your Google Calendar

Creating an online scholarly identity can increase the visibility of your research and publications, enhance networking opportunities, and help potential collaborators find you. Consciously curating and monitoring your scholarly online image helps you take control of what people see when they search for you online. This can enhance your reputation and make your work more visible.

This guide will describe some of the ways you can curate your identity through establishing profiles, sharing your work, using networking tools and monitoring your presence.