General Workshop Series

Reach for Excellence

Research is a form of inquiry – you have a question and investigate the answer. Attend the University Libraries’ workshop series and gain skills to become a better and more confident researcher.  

Bring a “brown bag” dinner and your inquisitive nature! 

Fall 2020

Infodemic: Avoiding COVID Misinformation

Thursday, Aug. 27 at 5pm – via Zoom

We are all being inundated with information about COVID-19 daily. How do we know what to trust and share with friends and family? This workshop will give you the tools you need to become a more savvy consumer of COVID-19 information and data.

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Human Anatomy Study Tools

Tuesday, Sept. 1  at 5pm – via Zoom

Health Sciences and biology students need to know all the details of the human body in and out! This session will introduce a variety of essential texts, plus explore valuable, interactive 3D online anatomy tools. Come get a refresher, or discover something new that best fits your learning style.

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Becoming a Research Guru: Research Project Tips & Tricks

Thursday, Sept. 17 at 5pm – via Zoom

Are you totally new to the library? Or maybe you’ve used the library, but don’t feel like you are getting the best search results? This workshop will tell you how to be an effective library searcher…. And what to do if you get stuck!

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Don’t Sweat the Citations: Intro to Citation Management Systems

Thursday, Oct. 8 at 5pm – via Zoom

Afraid of getting in trouble for plagiarizing? Intimidated by citations and reference lists? This workshop will discuss ways to avoid plagiarism and introduce you to the citation management software Zotero. Zotero helps organize your sources and save citation information… and helps you create your citations and reference lists!

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“Fake” News, Scholarly Sources, and Everything in Between:Tips for Evaluating Sources

Thursday, Oct. 22 at 5pm – via Zoom

What is “fake” news, really? What is the difference between a scholarly source and a news source? What is peer review? How do I evaluate sources I find on the web? This workshop will help answer these questions and ensure you’re using the best sources for your next research project…and your daily life.

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Tech Giants: Algorithms, “Filter Bubbles” and Privacy

Thursday, Nov. 5 at 5pm – via Zoom

This summer tech “giants” Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple were grilled by Congress about issues ranging from anti-competitive behavior, bias and free speech, privacy and misinformation. How are these tech giants impacting you and what you see on the web? How are they impacting our society? This workshop will touch on issues of concern to our society in the tech world today. 

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Offering Extra Credit

Would you like to offer your students extra credit for attending one or more of these library workshops? 

Contact Lisa Hoover at or x3760 and we would be happy to take attendance for you. 

Custom Sessions

Would you like a librarian to create a custom workshop for your class? A librarian can visit your class for a custom lecture or workshop tailored to your class assignment(s). Fill out a request or email us at 

Unable to Make it?

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