ES 110: Engineering and Society 

This guide will help direct you to resources for the History and Development of Technology project. 


Print Books

Available in PRINT in the Reference Collection or General Collection of the Clarkson main library. Find them on the shelf according to their call number listed under the title.

Try exploring technology history in one of these texts.

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Reference Collection (these titles are in-library use only and may not be checked out)

  • Milestones in Science and Technology: The Ready Reference Guide to Discoveries, Inventions, and Fact
    REF 509 M928m
  • Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology
    REF 503.21 E56
  • McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
    REF 503 M147e7
  • World of Scientific Discovery: Scientific Milestones and the People Who Made Them Possible
    REF 500 W927
  • Reader’s Guide to The History of Science
    REF 509 R286 2000
  • When Technology Fails: Significant Technological Disasters, Accidents, and Failures of the Twentieth Century
    REF 363.1 W567

    For Historic Context
  • The Timetables of History
    REF 902.02 G888t3
  • The Timetables of American History
    REF 973.312 T583

General Collection (these titles may be checked out from the library)

  • A History of Technology & Invention: Progress Through the Ages
    609 D241h 
  • A History of Mechanical Inventions
    608.7 U85h
  • A Short History of Technology
    609 D438s
  • Discovery and Invention of the 20th Century
    609 C922d4
  • Thinkers and Doers
    609 D225t
  • Engineering and Society: Challenges of Professional Practice
    303.48 J69e

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Technology, Humans, and Society

An Encyclopaedia of the History of Technology

Encyclopedia Britannica

Inside the Politics of Technology


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