History of Medicine & Public Health

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  • Alternative Medicine? by Roberta Bivins 
  • The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine by Roy Porter (Editor) 
  • Epidemic City by James Keith Colgrove 
  • The Greatest Benefit to Mankind by Roy Porter 
  • Major Problems in the History of American Medicine and Public Health by John Harley Warner; Janet A. Tighe 
  • Nature Cures by James C. Whorton 
  • The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine by James Le Fanu 
  • Silent Victories by John W. Ward (Editor); Christian Warren (Editor) 
  • Social Transformation of American Medicine by Paul Starr 
  • Ways of Knowing by John V. Pickstone 
  • Witches, Midwives, and Nurses by Barbara Ehrenreich; Deirdre English 


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