Copyright & Best Practices for Images

1. Photos you have taken yourself are safe to use, because you own the copyright. 
2. If you are working on a website, consider linking to the image rather than posting it yourself. 
3. If you need to use a photo from another sources, make sure that it is covered by a Creative Commons license or otherwise available to be used without permission. 

  • Use an advanced Google search to look for photos that are licensed for use. Under usage rights, select free to use or share or free to share, use or modify 
  • Check the Creative Commons
  • Consider a site like Pixabay, but make sure you check the licenses and rights!

4. If you really want to use an image covered by copyright, get permission to use it, or decide if it is covered by a copyright exception like Fair Use.
5. Where you do use an image, make sure you giver the author credit through attribution.