Clarkson University hosts a variety of events throughout the year for both educators and students to visit campus, as well as supporting after school programs each semester. Each month has a specific theme which we describe here. For specific dates for the current year, please check the calendar in Moodle.

Welcome Letter (high school)

Welcome Letter (middle school)

Clarkson Campus Visits

September: Annual Kick-off! Lots of mini-challenges and prizes!

October: Exploring Research
Come see research through the eyes of a scientist! Learn about the Scientific Method and how scientific knowledge is created. Develop skills for carrying out your own research.

November: Academic Success!
The Society of Women Engineers will be hosting the 7-8th graders for a computer programming activity. The high school students will learn how to plan for academic success.

January: Exploring STEM Careers
This visit focuses on a variety of different careers in the STEM disciplines.

February: STEM Workshops
Presentation of Research Projects. This is your chance to showcase the research that you have carried out.

March: π Day (PI Day)
Come and celebrate the fascinating number Pi. Games, activities and competitions abound!

April: Showcase Finale Celebration
This is the Roller Coaster Design and STEP Research Poster Showcase! Bring your projects for all to see! Roller coaster models delight the audience as they are tested and judged. Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams! Lots of fun and excitement!

After School Programs Components

Roller Coaster Design Contest
Student teams will design and build working roller coaster models to be presented at a competition held at Clarkson University in April. The models must conform to the APPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) Six Flags America Roller Coaster Design Contest regulations. Since our competition is specific to the IMPETUS program, schools can have more than one team, and the team can have between 2-4 members from grades 7-12. A Clarkson panel of judges will use the four AAPT scoring categories to determine the competition winner: Technical Score for Time, Bonus Points, Theme, and Rider Enjoyment. The rubrics listed on the APPT website are advisory only and may be used by teachers/coaches and guides for teams. Clarkson students may be able to provide additional materials. Our Engineering Workbook will help you design your coaster. There is also a guide for planning: Roller Coaster Brochure.

Clarkson Discovery Challenge
This is a challenge for upper class students! Students select a topic, and design and carryout a discovery challenge. The winning students are eligible to attend the Annual STEP student conference, held in Albany, NY in March. Check out the Brochure. Also check out the research guide.

Enrichment Opportunities for grades 7-12: As us about Math Counts, Science Olympiad, and more!