There will be one camp session for all students in mid July or early August (exact dates are in the application available from your coach). Teachers are also strongly encouraged to attend the camp.

Student applications include eligibility information, a end-of-year report card, and a letter of recommendation from a teacher/administrator. All information will be kept confidential.

Here’s an example what one of our recent camps looked like!

Enriching Learning Activities

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Fun projects
  • Team Work
  • Communication skills
  • Mathematics, Physics and Computing
  • Challenging problems and presentations
  • Sense of ownership of students’ work
  • Realization of the need to know more!

Day-long Visit to Great Escape

  • Practical experience of effective design
  • Understanding force and momentum
  • Data collection and analysis on the computer
  • A presentation by Frank Hardick, a roller coaster engineer who designed many rides in the park, including The Comet

Basics of Computer Use

  • Excel spreadsheets for computation and data analysis
  • PowerPoint for presentation
  • Word for written and scientific communication
  • The internet for researching basic data and facts

Our Virtual Roller Coaster

Clarkson University obtained a Max Flight VR2002 Programmable Roller Coaster which allows students to design and ride their own virtual roller coasters. The VR2002 is a total-freedom simulator that has 360-degree pitch and roll capabilities, fully-rendered high-resolution sights, and digital stereo sound.

Virtual Roller Coaster with Mark Steven.