The IMPETUS (Integrated Mathematics and Physics for Entry To Undergraduate STEM) for Career Success program provides mentoring and supervised training to enrich students’ education in science and technology.

What is our goal?

  • Enrich science and mathematics instruction
  • Provide laboratories for supervised training in research methods
  • Conduct summer programs
  • Provide tutoring and mentoring
  • Assist students in exploring higher eduction options
  • Increase career awareness
  • Provide practical training; linking coursework to careers
  • Include career/leadership conferences
  • Provide college recruitment opportunities

Key Program Components

Academic Year Program: Benefits include academic support, mentoring, and tutoring through weekly after school activities. These include one Clarkson Campus visit per month, one Clarkson student visit per month, and the remainder of the weeks spent on developing a functional roller coaster model.

Summer Program: A multi-day program at Clarkson working with mathematics and physics professors and students. Roller Coaster Camp includes a day-long trip to the Six Flags Great Escapes in Lake George, NY to collect data on the body’s response to roller coasters. Students also program and ride their own coaster with our VR2002 Virtual Roller Coaster.