IMPETUS students from St. Lawrence County have presented their research project at the annual STEP conference, competing with students from all across New York State. At the STEP conference, students attend workshops, eat great meals, dance in the evenings, present their research to lots of judges, and make friends with students from all over New York State. Our local students have won top honors.

  • In 2014, Harrisville won 5th place for “Should we go green” and Brasher Falls won 5th place for “What can we do about bullying?”
  • In 2012, Harrisville won the second place trophy for their project “Who Actually Spends More Time on Cell Phones, Boys or Girls?”
  • In 2011, Canton Central received second place for “Where’s the Body?”
  • In 2010, Norwood-Norfolk Central students placed third for their research power, “Effects of Magnetic Fields on Living Organisms”
  • In 2009, Norwood-Norfolk Central students won first place with “Facial Features and the Human Response”
  • In 2008, Canton Central students received third place with “An Investigation of Floor Characteristics and Exposure Time on Bacterial Transfer”