Looking to make a difference? Take the Food to Energy Project class, or learn about paid work opportunities at the Canton Central School District or at Clarkson University’s Anaerobic Digester.

MP210/310 – Food to Energy Project class

Clarkson students will work with Clarkson University and a local school district to encourage food waste diversion from the solid waste stream and to explore beneficial uses of food waste for nutrient and energy recovery. Students will develop lesson plans to be implemented in K-12 classes as well as work with student teams to promote best food waste practices.

Jan DeWaters
Associate Professor
Clarkson University
Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering and Institute for STEM Education

Stefan Grimberg
Clarkson University
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Student Work Opportunities:

Help with Canton Central School food waste project (paid)

Help work on Clarkson’s Anaerobic Digester (paid)