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Welcome to the CAMP Catalyst Site

This website will act as a clearinghouse for Clarkson faculty and CAMP industrial members. It allows companies to post areas of interest, while faculty can post their expertise, lists of patents and publications. It also can act as a “notice board” for expressions of interest (e.g., someone needing a collaborator for a proposal can post such a notice).

Contact the CAMP office if you have questions:

What does CAMP do?

CAMP is the Center for Advanced Materials Processing at Clarkson University. The CAMP faculty work with New York State companies as well as national and international companies who are interested in understanding and utilizing state-of-the-art advanced, tailor-designed materials and processes to improve their products, solve manufacturing challenges, increase yield, lower costs, and/or establish new or novel products.

The mission of CAMP is:

  • to facilitate the formation of alliances between Clarkson faculty and industry, corporations and government entities in New York State, and to assist them in applying science, engineering and technology development to improve their products, maintain their competitive edge, and foster economic development.
  • to perform innovative research on, demonstration of, and technology transfer of new technologies related to the synthesis and processing of advanced materials of value to industry and corporations.
  • to prepare students, undergraduates, and graduates to enter the workforce with an excellent education and research/development experience gained through hands-on research on projects of importance to industry and corporations.

CAMP is a designated New York State Center of Advanced Technology (CAT),and is supported by NYSTAR, a division of Empire State Development
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New York State of Opportunity - Division of Science, Technology & Innovation. Division of Empire State Development
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