About Dr. Achuthan


PhD from Purdue University

Research Interests

Dr. Achuthan’s expertise is in the areas of solid mechanics and advanced materials. His group applies the principles of solid mechanics to address critical challenges in various technological applications by developing innovative solutions. Currently, his research interest is primarily in the area of the additive manufacturing of metals. He is particularly interested in studying the mechanism of microstructure evolution, the role of the evolved microstructure on mechanical properties, and various micro-scale deformation mechanisms. The insight gained from these studies is then used to develop appropriate constitutive models. Advanced experimental and computational tools are used/developed to help the investigation. These tools include: 1) material characterization techniques such as optical imaging, SEM and nanoindentation, 2) continuum based computational models such as crystal plasticity based constitutive models, finite element analysis (FEA) models, and 3) molecular dynamics (MD) models.




Office: 266 CAMP Building

Mailbox: CU Box 5725

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