About Dr. Merrett


Dr. Merrett is the Principal Investigator for the Aero-Servo-Thermo-Visco-Elasticity Laboratory (ASTVEL) which leverages analytical and experimental techniques to explore the impact of time dependent materials on aerospace applications.

Research Interests

Dr. Merrett has a diverse research portfolio within the field of aero-servo-viscoelasticity that includes research on aircraft instability, flight data recorders, optimization, fracture of composites, and vehicle tracking. The core of the research portfolio is the effects of a viscoelastic material on structural dynamics, in particular the critical time necessary for an instability to occur. Dr. Merrett’s current research program investigates polymer composite materials and metals exposed to elevated temperatures that appear in aerospace and nuclear engineering applications. Dr. Merrett also conducts research in unsteady aerodynamics for subsonic and supersonic panel flutter, and for off-shore wind farm wakes.




Office: 202 CAMP Building

Mailbox: CU Box 5725

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