View of a stack of Computer Servers

In A Nutshell

ACRES features 62 compute-nodes, 2440 CPU cores, 8TB of total memory, and four (4) GPUs—for a total computing power of more than 160 teraflops. ACRES includes a high-performance filesystem providing 40+ TB of SSD-based storage and a high-speed, low-latency interconnect based on FDR Infinniband (56Gbps).


ACRES was developed with a base of freely available computing resources and the accompanying networking and storage infrastructure. It is then expanded with additions from multiple PI groups.

compute nodes6040-cores, 128 GB RAM, 256 GB local SSD
(Dual Xeon Gold 6230 Processors, 20-cores @ 2.1GHz)
bigmem nodes140-cores, 512GB RAM, 256 GB local SSD
GPU nodes140-cores, 192GB RAM, 256 GB local SSD,
4 GPUs NVIDIA Tesla V100
interconnectFDR Infiniband fabric (56 GBps)
operating systemCentOS 7.x

Scratch Storage

High availability NFS filesystem for user and group home directories, based on an entirely-flash infrastructure that provides 40+ TB of usable storage. This storage is intended to house data that is being actively used as part of a computational job. It is not intended for long-term storage.


No backups are performed on any file system on the ACRES cluster. Users are responsible for their own backups, the Office of Information Technology will not create any automatic backups for any user and is not responsible for the deletion or loss of any files from the cluster file system.