Dr. Baki’s major research interests are in the areas of ecohydraulics for healthy water solutions. His research interests are multidisciplinary and have a number of cross-cutting themes that include research in full-scale live systems, pilot and laboratory systems, with the application of theoretical, computational, and analytical approaches.

His general research topics include the following:

Ecohydraulics for Sustainability

  • Ecohydraulics (fish passage design/optimization, fish hydrodynamics)
  • Ecological status and fish habitat suitability for natural river systems
  • Interaction of flow with habitat structure
  • Turbulence effect on ecological communities

Sustainable and Resilient Water Infrastructure

  • Urban hydraulics to enhance ecological functioning
  • Retrofitting barriers (e.g., dams, culverts) for aquatic connectivity
  • Stream restoration and enhancement

Sustainable Hydropower Development

  • Nature-like fish passage for ecological river connectivity
  • Fish entrainment in hydropower operations
  • Water quality and sediment transport

Data Analytics and GIS Techniques for Water Resources Management

  • Shoreline/River bank erosion prediction using machine/deep learning