All steps in this tutorial are assuming you are logged into your website and located on the dashboard or the main page.

  1. On the dashboard, locate ‘Tools’ and hover over it. A menu will appear. At the bottom, a link will say ‘Redirection’. Click on this.
  2. At the bottom, there is a section that says ‘Add New Redirection’.
    1. Source URL pertains to the original URL of your previous site.
    2. Query Parameters pertains to how exactly do you want the parameters to match.
    3. Target URL is where you want your original URL to direct to (the new site/site page).
    4. Group pertains to what group your redirect is going to be categorized under. Redirections is default.
  3. Click on ‘Add Redirect’ once all information is added. Your old URL is now being redirected to the new one!

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