Find recommended specifications for all the different types of images you can use on your sites.


  • All specifications are listed in height by width in pixels.
  • All images should be 72dpi.
  • All images are NOT TO EXCEED 2000 x 2000 pixels or 1MB in size.

Header Image:

1920px by 490px

Additional considerations:
If your image is not this size, you will most likely be asked to crop the image. This image will appear across all secondary pages, or any page that is not your front page. We recommend very wide images that are not tall.

Featured Page Images

2400px by 600px

Additional considerations:
Featured images need to be high quality enough to be full width, as they will span across the front page if selected. If an image is too small, your featured page content such as the title, description and the button may look odd.

Inline Image

Width less than 300px

Additional considerations:
There image should narrow enough for text to comfortably wrap around. There is no height specification. When arranging the inline image in the editing interface, place it before the text block you would like the image appear next to.

Single Image

With a sidebar, 700px.
Without a sidebar: 600px.

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