All steps in this tutorial are assuming you are logged into your website and located on the dashboard or the main page.

  1. Navigate to the dashboard, and click on ‘Registration Magic’.
    1. You will have a dashboard specifically related to ‘Registration Magic’.
    2. There are specific areas to pay attention to, such as the left hand side on the actual dashboard on WordPress.
    3. Below Registration Magic after you’ve clicked it, there is a menu that appears that will allow you to navigate within the plugin.
      1. All Forms leads you to all the forms that have been created within your site.
      2. Inbox will take you to the submissions of the different form, where you can toggle between the forms to view the submissions.
      3. Attachments will give you all of the attachments from forms that have been submitted, such as pictures, documents, etc.
      4. Form Analytics will show you how each form is doing, and how well they’re doing.
      5. Field Analytics will show you specifically the field, such as name, date, etc which is used more often.
      6. Automation allows you to create certain tasks and automate them without you having to do it manually.
      7. Bulk Email allows you to send a bulk email to everyone who has filled out a specific form, and you can toggle between each field.
      8. User Manager lets you edit users within your site, regarding if they’re activated or deactivated.
      9. User Roles lets you create roles for users to join your site.
      10. Products regards items that you’ve created, and can charge for them.
      11. Global Settings refers to the general settings of the ‘Registration Magic’.
      12. Support gives you additional resources and FAQs regarding the plugin.
      13. Premium gives you the option to upgrade to a premium version of ‘Registration Magic’ which allows you more features.
  2. To create a form, navigate to ‘All Forms’.
    1. There is a white bar at the top with 7 links and a drop down.
    2. Click on the first link that says “New Form”.
    3. Fill out the Name of Your Form, and check the “Turn Off User Registration for this Form” if you don’t want your readers to register for your website.
    4. Your form has been created, now hover over it. Two buttons will appear: Dashboard and Fields.
    5. Click on the Fields button, and navigate your way to Fields Manager.
    6. Once you’re on the Fields Manager, ‘Click Add Field’.
      1. It will ask you to ‘Choose A Field Type’.
      2. There are several different locations to look at: Common Fields, Special Fields, Profile Fields, WooCommerce Fields, Social Fields, Display Fields, Premium Fields.
      3. Select the field, fill out the information and repeat until the form is complete.
      4. Save the form, copy the shortcode from the form, and paste it on a page.

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