All steps in this tutorial are assuming you are logged into your website and located on the dashboard or the main page.

Information about Alerts:

There are two things that need to be mentioned here. There is the type of banner (or notification) that will be displayed on the page, or, on a site as a whole, and then there is the icon size, which dictates how big the icon will appear or not appear at all. The options are listed below:

  • type (defines the style of the alert box):
    • info (display a info style box)
    • success (display a success style box)
    • warning (display a warning style box)
    • danger (display a danger style box)
  • icon_size (defines the icon size):
    • normal (icon normal size)
    • small (icon small size)
    • big (icon big size)
    • hide-icon (no display the icon)
  • [/alert type=”type” icon-size=”icon-size”/]Your text here[/alert]


  1. Click to the specific page that you are seeking to place the banner.
  2. Click ‘edit’ below the title or click on the title itself.
  3. Click on the rounded plus sign icon on the left hand side of the block, select the short code icon.
  4. Copy the above short code into the short code block.
    1. Remove the first forward slash (/) and the second forward slash (/) that is after the icon-size=”icon-size” part.
    2. Change the type within the quotes (“”) and the icon size within the quotes (“”).
    3. Add the text you want to be displayed as the notification.
  5. Update your page, and view the banner.

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