All steps in this tutorial are assuming you are logged into your website and located on the dashboard or the main page.

  1. Navigate to your dashboard, and click on the ‘Registration Magic’ link.
  2. Navigate to ‘All Forms’, and then to a previously created form.
  3. Once you have fields listed, there is a blue link on the right labeled as ‘Conditions’.
  4. There will be three fields:
    1. First one picks the question that you want your field to respond to.
    2. Second field means to ‘equal’, ‘not equal’, etc, the logic of the response.
    3. And then the value that you want the previous question answer too.
  5. For example, if I have a drop down question that says: “What are preferences for meals?” and your options in your drop down are, “Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Omnivore, Gluten-Free, etc”.
    1. The following question that would then appear by using the “What are preferences for meals?” as the ‘Select Field’, “Equals” to as the ‘Logical Field’, for instance, “Vegetarian” as the value of the last field, would then ask, “What are your preferences for your vegetarian dish?” with a text input.

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