All steps in this tutorial are assuming you are logged into your website and located on the dashboard or the main page.

  1. Navigate to the dashboard, and click on the link ‘Pages’.
  2. Go to the page you wish to create an accordion on. Click the ‘edit’ link below the title, or click the title itself to open the WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Locate in the content where you wish to place the accordion. Click on the rounded plus sign icon.
  4. Search for, or look for the accordion under ‘Advanced Gutenberg’ section.
  5. Click on the icon.
  6. Add your title, and then the content in the appropriate fields.
    1. Don’t forget to configure the block settings as well to make it more friendly for readers!
  7. To add the next accordion, go below the current block, and repeat steps 3 and 4. It will reside in a different block.
  8. You can create a nested accordion.
  9. Hover over the first accordion section that you have created, and on the right hand side there will be a plus sign. Click on the Accordion icon, and then fill in the information.
  10. Since the nested accordion is created, it will hide when the original accordion is closed.

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