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T.I.M. 2022 Session Schedule


Session 1Applied fluid mechanics
15h30-15h45Steven DayThe effect of viscosity on shear-induced cell damage RIT
15h45-16h00Brennen CarrA 1-D pulsewave model coupling arterial and perivascular flowRochester
16h00-16h15Shannon LeeOptical interferometry based pressure transducer for use in harsh environementsToronto
16h15-16h30Pouria RahmatiDeoxygenation of water by ultrasonic irradiation for the study of the aeration at hydraulic turbinesMcGill
16h30-16h45Dylan CaverlyEstimating wind velocity and direction using sparse sensors on a cylinderMcGill
16h45-17h00Suraj BansalEffect of Periodic Longitudinal Gusts on Airfoil Performance Under Separated-Flow ConditionsToronto
17h00-17h15Amandine JollantSmoke Visualization of Unsteady Separated Flow on an Airfoil in Periodic Longitudinal GustsToronto
17h15-17h30Ivo DawkinsPressure distributions in collapsing liquid linersMcGill
Coffee Break

Session 2Acoustics and compressible flows
17h45-18h00John KokkalisShock induced cavitation in liquidsMcGill
18h00-18h15Marinus OkoronkwoExperimental characterization of the refraction of acoustic wakes in hybrid anechoic wind tunnelsToronto
18h15-18h30Zhe LuDesign and analysis of a phased microphone arrayToronto
18h30-18h45Patrick DengComputational Aeroacoustics of Flap Side-Edge Noise through the Wingtip ModelToronto
18h45-19h00Satoshi BabaExperimental Characterization of Aeroacoustics of a Flap Side-Edge with a Canonical Wingtip ModelToronto
19h00-19h15Justin BonalDesign of Fixed Length Supersonic Nozzle Using the Method of Characteristics with Boundary Layer CorrectionsRMC
19h15-19h30Seth KelleyControlling the interaction between supersonic streams within a modern jet nozzleSyracuse


Session 3Turbulence at various scales
8h30-8h45Khashayar KohanGeometric characteristics of the turbulent/turbulent interface of round jets in approximately homogeneous turbulenceMcGill
8h45-9h00Farzin HomayounfarTwo turbulent parallel jets in a turbulent coflowMcGill
9h00-9h15Rana SahebjamThe statistics of the passive scalar field of an axisymmetric turbulent jet in ambient turbulenceMcGill
9h15-9h30Ningshan Wang‘Customized’ turbulent flows with fan array wind tunnelSyracuse
9h30-9h45Daniel MacGregorMean and unsteady surface-pressure measurements for flow over the BeVERLI hillToronto
9h45-10h00Ross CruikshankThe effect of boundary layer thickness on the spanwise velocity correlations in the wake of a blunt trailing edge profiled bodyToronto
10h00-10h15Masoud MoeiniAn analytical solution to the interaction between downburst outflows and atmospheric boundary layer windsMcGill
10h15-10h30Coffee Break

Session 4Numerics and control
10h30-10h45Alexander CicchinoEntropy Stable High-Order Flux Reconstruction SchemesMcGill
10h45-11h00Julien BrillonOn the use of entropy stable flux reconstructions for implicit Large Eddy SimulationMcGill
11h00-11h15Matthew Butler Numerical modelling of synthetic jet actuator acousticsToronto
11h15-11h30Yiyang SunPhysics-Driven Control of Turbulent Cavity Flows Using Resolvent AnalysisSyracuse
11h30-11h45Courtney RiderPassive flow control in an s-duct intakeRMC
11h45-12h00Howard Ho Effect of varying momentum synthetic jet in a turbulent boundary layerToronto
12h00-12h15Kecheng Xu Separation Control on An NACA 0025 Airfoil Using A Synthetic Jet ArrayToronto
12h15-12h30Mira KimSpatial statistics of flow control with synthetic jet actuatorToronto