Online Tools

Complete Anatomy / 3D4Medical
An interactive, advanced, and comprehensive 3D anatomy software that is useful in the classroom, lab, and clinical setting. The mobile app allows users to view and manipulate 12 different body systems on multiple levels and utilize tools for exploration. You must download the app and register as a Clarkson user for full access.

Anatomy and Physiology Revealed
An interactive cadaver dissection experience. Detailed information and audio pronunciations build anatomical knowledge, and comprehensive quizzing reinforces learning.

Human Anatomy Modules
Interactive modules that allow for visualization of the human body in 3D format.

Biodigital Human 
Interactive 3D models, fully segmented, labeled and dissectable. You need to register an account (free) in order to use these tools. Click on ‘Launch Human” or Login buttons to start.

Innerbody: Human Anatomy Online
Enables you to pick a body system, click on names or body parts from a picture, and obtain descriptions.

Get Body Smart 
An online examination of human anatomy and physiology. Animated text narrations and quizzes to explain the structures and functions of the human body systems.

Anatomy Learning 3D Atlas 
Can open on web browser or download app to use on Android devices.

Lumen Learn
Interactive models with testing. Click on area of the body to explore and then the numbers on the models for identification. Areas covered: skeletal, muscle, nerves, arteries, dermatones, cutaneous innervation. 

Muscle Atlas 
University of Washington Department of Radiology Muscle Atlas and teaching materials. Contains an illustrated atlas of the muscles of the upper and lower extremities and online teaching materials on musculoskeletal radiology.

Gray’s Anatomy 
Images from the 1918 edition.

One of the web’s largest collections of radiology cases and reference articles.

NIH Anatomy & Physiology Training Modules 
Introduce the structure and function of the human body.

The Visible Human Project 
Created by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Provides publicly-available complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of a human male body and a human female body. Specifically,  cross-sectional cryosection, CT, and MRI images obtained from one male cadaver and one female cadaver.

AnatomyZone Videos 
190+ video tutorials covering an extensive range of focused areas of human anatomy.

Gross Anatomy Dissections Videos 
These videos of real cadaver dissections are good preparation for the anatomy lab. Developed by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine.

Anatomy Texts

These books are available to borrow from the Health Sciences Library (HSL).  Click on image to get details. Anatomy texts are found in the 611 range of the library shelves. These are a few selected titles. Browse the shelves for more!




Each of these charts is multi-page. You can print individual PDF pages for studying. Click on image to access.

Respiratory, urinary, digestive, heart & circulatory, thoracic nerves, and lymphatic organ systems.

Extensive, covering all aspects and areas of the digestive system.

Multiple views of hand including surface anatomy, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, arteries, and bone structure.

Lymphatic details in all areas of the body.

Micro details of the cell, kidney, ear, eye,nose, tongue, skin, hair, blood vessels, alveola, nerve structures, and more.   

Other Media

Each library location has a full-scale model skeleton that can be checked out for short-term use in the library.  The skeleton at the Health Sciences Library is annotated and has an identification manual you can use to study. 

Skeleton_Key – identification manual 

These boxed sets are available to borrow from the Health Sciences Library (HSL). Click on image for details.