How do I use my research in my video? 

Wheeewee. Now you’ve got your sources, what do you do with them? How do you incorporate them into your video? 

Incorporating Research

Here are some resources on how to incorporate research into a paper or project:

  1. Incorporating Sources into Research Writing 
  2. Integrating Sources into Your Paper 
  3. Mark Gaipa’s 8 Strategies for using your research
  4. Integrating Research: How to include your academic voice with your research

Finding/Using Images

  1. Consider using graphs and images from your research in your project!
  2. Don’t forget that any image you use should be cited (just like any source you use)! Here’s a guide to citing online images.
  3. Here are some useful places for finding copyright free images:
    1. Google Images – You can find copyright free images in Goole Images under Tools, Usage Rights, and Labeled for Reuse
    2. Pixabay 
    3. Creative Commons