2021 CAMP CMP Symposium

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Clarkson University’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) and the NCCAVS CMP Users Group invites you to attend the 24th International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization.

24th International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization​

Monday, August 16 – Thursday, August 19, 2021
The meeting will be held online

Talks to begin 8am US Pacific Time each day

Registration Fees:

  • University/Invited Speaker ($100)
  • Non-University ($180)
  • Student ($40)

Symposium Schedule Now Available!

Chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) has come to occupy a central role in many industrially important technologies. This year due to the pandemic, the symposium will be held in a virtual format and will focus on several fundamental aspects of CMP.

The symposium will consist of talks given by experts in the field (invite only; confirmed speakers are listed below) and contributed scientific posters (see information below).

The presentations will be given Monday August 16 – Thursday August 19 from 8am until approx. 1pm US Pacific Time each dayThe presentations will be hosted on the “Engagez” platform. Each registrant will receive login details for the platform a week or so before the symposium. 

  • Monday August 16: 8am-10:10am Session I
      Symposium Welcome
      Keynote Dr. Manabu Tsujimora (EBARA Corp.)
      Invited Speakers, Topic: Cleans
  • Monday August 16: 10:25am-12pm Session II
      Invited Speakers, Topic: Fundamentals
  • Tuesday August 17: 8am-10:05am Session III
      Invited Speakers, Topic: Cleans
  • Tuesday August 17: 10:20am-12pm Session IV
      Invited Speakers, Topic: CMP in Bonding Applications

(You must register to access the symposium website within Engagez.net)

  • Wednesday August 18: 8am-10:05am Session V
      Invited Speakers, Topic: Defects
  • Wednesday August 18: 10:20am-12pm Session VI
      Invited Speakers, Topic: Pad Conditioning
  • Thursday August 19: 8am-10:05am Session VII
      Invited Speakers, Topic: Equipment Roadmap
  • Thursday August 19: 10:20am-12pm Session VIII
      Invited Speakers, Topic: Particles

The button below provides the full program, including speaker times, titles, etc. Version below is of August 12, 2021.     ***Schedule is subject to change***


Jihoon Seo (Clarkson University)

Ekaterina Mikhaylichenko (AMAT)

Chao-Chang Arthur Chen (National Taiwan U. of S&T)

Ashwin Chockalingam (AMAT)

Paul Feeney (Consultant)

Hirokuni Hiyama (Ebara)

Taesung Kim (SKKU)

Dinesh Koli (Intel)

Raghuveer Patlolla (IBM)

Mike Pevny (3M)

Ara Philipossian (Araca)

Matthew Prince (Intel)

Bob Roberts (Axus Technology)

Gerfried Zwicker (Consultant) 

Devon Shipp (CAMP Director, Clarkson University)

Elisabeth Cain (CAMP Business Development Manager, Clarkson U.)

Leila Boyea (CAMP Admin., Clarkson U.)



Invited speakers will present their work either:

(1) Live (via Zoom through the Engagez platform), or

(2) Pre-recorded (broadcast through Engagez at a time allocated in the agenda).

All invited speakers should submit their headshot (jpg file) and 1-page abstract (150-500 words, written in English, and can include 1 figure or table; submit a Word document or similar) by July 20 to camp@clarkson.edu

The pre-recorded speakers should submit their recording (mp4 file only) to Engagez directly, following the directions detailed in emails sent to each pre-recorded speaker.


Dr. Manabu TsujimuraKeynote Speaker (Ebara Corp.)

Professor Andrew Martin & Dr. Imtisal E. Noor (KTH Royal Int. Tech., Sweden)


Dr. Jihoon Seo (Clarkson University)

Dr. Jason Keleher (Lewis University)

Dr. Lieve Teugels (IMEC)

Dr. Leonard Borucki (Araca)

Dr. Viorel Balan (CEA/Leti)

Dr. Ruben Ghulghazaryan & Davit Piliposyan (Siemens Industry Software CJSC)

Catharina Rudolph (Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID)

Dr. Marcus Kavaljer (KxS Technologies)

Dr. Robert Vacassy (EMD Electronics)

Professor Syuhei Kurokawa (Kyushu University)

Professor Takeshi Fukuma (Kanazawa University)

Associate Professor Panart Khajornrungruang (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Assistant Professor Yohei Hashimoto (Kanazawa University)

Dr. Sridevi Alety (BASF)

Professor Keita Ando (Keio University)

Naoyuki Handa (Ebara Corp.)

Dr. Brian Zhang (Applied Materials)

Dr. Yufei Chen (Applied Materials)

Bradley Wood (Entegris)

Prof. Sanha Kim (KAIST)

Dr. Brian Salazar (U. California – Berkeley)

Dr. Nagendra Prasad Yerriboina (Hanyang U.)

Dr. Taesung Kim (Sungkyunkwan U.)

Prof. Hyunseop Lee (Dong-A U.)

Dr. Ji-Chul Yang (Ebara Corp.)

Dr. Jimmy Granstrom & Dr. Hisashi Takeda (Fujimi Corp.)

Dr. Prasad Bhosale (IBM)

Dr. David Slutz (Diamonex)

Dr. Wei-Tsu Tseng (IBM)